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SMKA and the future of LED street lighting

As a leading authority on all things lighting and electrical, SMKA Electric stands on the cutting edge of technological change. That is why, when our experts start talking about the future of LED street lights, people sit up and pay attention.


SMKA’s Alphabet of Home Automation: A to J

Sometimes, between industry jargon and the rapid rate of progress, understanding technology can feel like learning a whole new language. To make life simpler, we have put together our ABCs of Home Automation.

Below is Part One of SMKA’s glossary of technical terms, designed to support you in making smarter choices about your smart homes. Let’s get started…


SMKA shines a light on solar energy

As part of Al Naboodah Group Enterprises, we are proud to be contributing to the Group’s sustainability strategy and to participate in shaping our region. In providing intelligent and resource-efficient lighting systems and electrical devices, we help you consume less energy as we work towards a more sustainable future.


The Underfloor Inventor – Ackermann by OBO Bettermann

SMKA is proud to present underfloor systems from Ackermann, made by OBO Bettermann – the market leader for concealed electrical installations.

Where subtlety and stress-free application meet simplicity and style – the Ackermann product range has been satisfying customers since electrical systems were first sent underground over six decades ago. For almost two decades, SMKA has been the exclusive partner to the brand in the Middle East.


Switch on your imagination with the new MK Dimensions range

SMKA Electric has been leading the charge when it comes to electrical and lighting solutions for over 40 years. We’ve seen trends and technology change at a remarkable rate, and constantly strive to bring you wiring solutions that look stylish, are kind to the environment, promote safety and save you money.


What is Home Automation and why should I care?

Imagine a future where control of lighting, heating, ventilation, and security is all automatic. A future where your whole environment is connected. It shouldn’t be hard, because that future is here.


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