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What is Home Automation and why should I care?

Imagine a future where control of lighting, heating, ventilation, and security is all automatic.

A future where your whole environment is connected. It shouldn’t be hard, because that future is here. We’ve had automatic devices in our homes for many years now (thermostats, for instance), but modern technology is taking the idea of automation to a whole new level. Understanding how connected systems work will give you much more control over your home in the years to come.

Allow SMKA Electric to shed some light on the subject…

The technical bit

Home automation operates through the Internet of Things (IoT). IP addresses are assigned to each of your connected devices so that they can be accessed and monitored remotely. As a result, your devices can ‘speak’ to each other and are able to function without a human operator.

Automatic Control

There are two main types of automation we should mention – scheduled and non-scheduled.

Scheduled automation is all about timers. A common example would be programming your lights or air conditioning to switch on and off at precise intervals throughout the day. More advanced scheduling could include activation of your security system on specific days of the week or a recurring order for your groceries.

Non-scheduled automation reacts to changes in the environment. Whenever a security light is triggered, or your thermostat kicks in after a drop in temperature, that is an automated reaction to a non-scheduled event. With a connected home you can programme your lights to respond to the rising sun, or even set your TV to display a live feed when your doorbell rings.

Between these two modes of automation you can have almost full control of your environment, and the use of mobile devices lets us take this control a step further.

Remote Control

Being able to connect a smart device to your home networks while absent is incredibly empowering. You can monitor the current state of your home, as well as a detailed history of activity, and make changes accordingly from your mobile or tablet. Through the use of notifications you can even receive updates on the move, such as when your family arrives home or when the post has been delivered. The possibilities are almost endless.

What’s next?

Home automation offers improved safety and security, better financial and energy efficiency, and greater convenience. As the technology advances these benefits are being pushed further and further. In order to give you complete control of your home, SMKA Electric supply a full range of home automation solutions such as lighting and curtain controls, dimming systems, day and night scene settings, multi-room audio/video music systems, audio/video intercom systems with complete security and much more.

Take a look at our solutions online, or come along to our Barsha showroom - our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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