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The benefits of Lighting Control Systems most people overlook

There are many reasons to upgrade your lighting to something more modern, from health benefits to financial advantages. This is especially true now that lighting control systems are more widely available. But not everyone understands the full value these systems can bring to our lives.

As well as offering a comprehensive product suite, SMKA are here to highlight the benefits that come with installing lighting control systems in your property.


The pursuit of a simpler life has long been a driving force behind technological advancement. Now, with home automation, connected devices and the Internet of Things, we are able to experience convenience like never before. Lighting control systems offer us complete control of the illumination in our properties. Whether your lights operate on a pre-set schedule, react automatically to the environment, or you’re controlling them from your mobile device, lighting control systems provide flexibility and efficiency on a whole new level.


The brightness, number and temperature (colour) of the lights in our lives can affect our health and our mood greatly. In waking hours, our bodies require more light to help us wake up and feel alert, but in the evenings we need less light. Too much bright light just before you’re going to bed can disrupt your sleeping patterns, as can getting up to switch off lights as you’re starting to snooze. Using a remote or wireless switch to control the lighting from your bed, or having your lights automatically dim in the evenings, will enable you to slip naturally into a healthy sleep.


It’s easy to think that spending money on state-of-the-art lighting control solutions will be expensive, but investing in high-value, reliable systems will actually save you money. Modern lighting is much more energy efficient than traditional forms and comes with lower running costs and longer lifespans. When combined with a lighting control system you can program your lights to only come on when needed or save on your electricity bill by dimming the lights when you don’t need them on full.

Still not convinced on the savings? Integrating wireless technology means that installation of lighting control systems is quicker, easier and less disruptive to your property, therefore reducing the costs usually associated with installing new systems.

What’s next?

Look out for Part 2 of this blog where SMKA will be discussing the energy efficiency, design versatility and security benefits that come with Lighting Control Systems. In the meantime, get in touch with our experts for more guidance with your lighting control choices.


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