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Striking myths about Lightning and Lightning Protection Systems

At SMKA, we are passionate about delivering the best quality MEP solutions in the market, especially when it comes to safety and protection. Our experts know that in order to solve a problem you must fully understand it – knowledge is always key. Therefore, we’d like to share some of our knowledge with you.

Take a look at some of the following myths about Lightning and Lightning Protection Systems and let SMKA shine a light on the reality behind them.

  • MYTH: Lightning protection systems will attract lightning.
  • REALITY: A lightning protection system does not attract the strike. The system intercepts lightning strikes and provides a controlled route to ground the energy.
  • MYTH: Wearing metal on my body attracts lightning.
  • REALITY: In truth, wearing metal makes little difference. It is height, isolation, and shape that are the main factors directing a lightning bolt strike.
  • MYTH: Lightning control is too expensive.
  • REALITY: Lightning control is often one of the least expensive protection systems you can buy and offers proven protection for your premises from dangerous and destructive lightning strikes. If you are in a lightning-prone area then protective systems are a must-have in order to guarantee safety, though peace of mind doesn’t have to break the bank.
  • MYTH: Antennas, aerials and satellite dishes will protect against lightning strikes.
  • REALITY: These devices provide no protection from lightning because they are not sufficiently grounded. Worse still, the current from the lightning strike will enter the electrical system of the premises and cause damage to equipment.
  • MYTH: The surrounding buildings are bigger and have lightning protection systems so I don’t need one.
  • REALITY: Smaller buildings are struck even when taller objects surround them. This result is most often due to space charge effects. Regardless, a building does not have to be struck directly to incur damage to internal equipment or electric shock to occupants. A well-known and common damage mechanism is "ground potential difference".

To help protect you against lightning strikes, SMKA have partnered with Lightning Protection International. LPI is among the fastest growing and most innovative companies in the lightning protection and earthing sector. We offer one of the most efficient and reliable systems for protection against lightning, surge protection and earthing solutions in partnership with LPI Australia.

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