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Concourse 3 - Airport Terminal Floor Distribution system

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Concourse 3 - Airport Terminal – Floor Distribution system

Concourse 3 - Airport Terminal – Floor Distribution system


Next to Airport Terminal 1 – Dubai International Airport.

Project Brief:

  1. Project: Construction of underfloor distribution systems in the concourse airport terminal.
  2. Client: Dubai Civil Aviation


This was a huge project for us. The major challenge in undertaking this project was to supply special service boxes to accommodate accessories in accordance to the specification.

What did we supply? We supplied the following products:

OBO Ackermann – Underfloor distribution systems including Wet Clean flush boxes, floor trunking systems , underfloor trunking systems and special service boxes with the built in capability of accommodating multi-service accessories including FTTO modules.

What did we achieve:

We supplied custom made service boxes to accommodate all accessories in line with the client’s requirements. This was achieved within the time frame specified.

Solutions or Result Attained:

100 % customized underfloor solutions provided.

How did we get it done?

Working with the client’s consultant we designed special service boxes to be used for housing FTTO’s, very high load-bearing plates and extra loading burden from maintenance equipment . The redesign of service boxes to accommodate all these complex needs and complying at the same time to the relevant standards was a huge task, which we successfully achieved on time.


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