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17 reasons why LED lighting is essential for 2017

For many years SMKA Electric have been supplying lighting solutions that look stylish, help the environment, improve safety and save you money. One product group that we believe deserves more attention is LED (light-emitting diode) lamps and fixtures.

Don’t be left in the dark – let SMKA Electric show you exactly why LED lights are the perfect answer to your lighting needs.

Reducing costs

1. Long lasting – Many LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. This is nearly 50 times longer than a typical incandescent bulb.

2. Low energy use – LEDs use much less electricity than traditional lights, meaning you save much more on your electricity bill. As less heat is generated by LEDs, the load on the air conditioning is also less, leading to lower electricity consumption.

3. No on/off damage – Unlike traditional bulbs, LED lights will not be worn out by repeatedly switching them on and off. Consumer Reports have found turning CFLs on and off in less than 15 minutes degraded their life span.

4. Durability – Most LEDs are made from hard-wearing plastics, so there’s no fragile filament or glass housing to worry about breaking. Less damage means fewer replacements.

Improving health

5. Reduced UV emissions – LED lights give off very little ultraviolet light. With virtually no UV emissions, LEDs do not attract pests, and hence they can be used in commercial kitchens or home kitchens where it is preferable to reduce the attraction of tiny flying insects.

6. Cold to the touch – LEDs reduce safety risks such as burns and fires because very little energy is released as heat. This also makes it easier to remove and clean bulbs.

7. Instant brightness – With LED lights there is no ‘warming-up’ period. The light is full and bright as soon as you turn it on. Scrambling around in dimly lit rooms is a thing of the past.

8. Dim the brightness – It’s proven that exposure to bright lights before going to bed has a negative effect on your health. LEDs can be dimmed to mimic natural daylight. Dimming is also great for downtime, creating the perfect environment for relaxation.

9. Silent – Also, when you drift off to sleep, there’s no humming or buzzing to disturb your rest because LEDs are completely silent.

Environmentally friendly

10. Recyclable – when your LED lights eventually need replacing, you can recycle them. That’s good news for the environment and for your conscience.

11. Direct Lighting – There is very little light pollution or light trespass with LEDs.

12. No hazardous materials – Some traditional bulbs contain gases, liquids and solids that are harmful to both the environment and ourselves. This is not the case with LEDs.

13. Use less energy – The most obvious ecological benefit to using LED lighting is that they use less energy to produce the same amount of light as other light sources. This makes them great for reducing the carbon footprint of your business or home.

Design freedom

14. Control – The design opportunities that come with LEDs are endless. There’s huge flexibility in terms of colour, brightness and size, giving you complete control of your space.

15. Indoors/Outdoors – being robust and rust-proof makes LEDs great for both indoor and outdoor use. It also helps that they can function perfectly in extreme heat and freezing cold.

16. No flicker – There’s no flickering with LEDs, you’ll get a steady stream of constant light.

17. UV damage – Aside from attracting insects, UV light can be damaging to artworks, furniture and fabrics. With LED lighting solutions you won’t have to worry, making them great for both commercial and domestic use.

Would you like to learn more? Come along to one of our showrooms or get in touch with our experts online – we’d be more than happy to shine a light on how our LED lighting solutions can change your life for the better. 


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