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Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning Protection Solutions – Enabling Safety

Our Product Range

Direct Strike products | Earthing & Bonding products | Powerline products | Communication & Data products | Surge Protection systems

Our Projects

Marina Continental Tower | Exchange Tower | Dubai Municipality offices | Festival City

  • We partner with LPI, an Australian company, which is among the fastest growing and most innovative companies in the lightning protection and earthing sector.
  • Many consultants prefer this solution for its superiority in design, ease of installation and maintenance.
  • The product range is designed and manufactured to meet compliance with international standards.

Our Audience

Builders and Developers, MEP consultants | Architects | Electromechanical companies | Residential, commercial & industrial building contractors.

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Product Information

We offer one of the most efficient and reliable systems in protection against lightning, surge protection and earthing solutions partnering with LPI Australia.

LPI has developed various types of systems complying with different standards which include:

  • IEC 60-1:1989,
  • NFC 17-102
  • IEC 62305, BS EN 62305

This helps us to provide protection against lightning strikes to structures, people and open areas. The overall protection strategy requires a comprehensive structural, personnel and equipment safety plan.

We provide accurately designed solutions for communication systems and data/telephone lines that address:

  • Low impedance earthing,
  • Elimination of earthing loops
  • Professional system engineering
  • Surge protection on power lines
  • Transient protection

To complement its critical protection solution, LPI also offers:

  • Exo-thermic welding components which eliminate any weak joint in the system
  • Ground resistance lowering compounds that minimises the earth’s resistance
  • Early warning systems that help in pre-warning of an imminent strike

For many decades, LPI has provided specialist lightning protection advice to customers in some of the most lightning prone areas of the world. Its technical back up team has extensive experience in risk management, system design, training, installation, certification, and commissioning of systems in a wide variety of industry groups. The company has been recognised within Australia for its outstanding export successes and has been awarded several prestigious export awards.


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